Work Week Catch Up!

Friday! Friday! FRRRIIDDAAAYYYYY!!!! Can you tell that I am excited it is Friday?!? It has been a long week for me, so I am so happy to see the weekend come. Troy has clinicals Saturday and Sunday (evening shift) so we don’t have much plans for the weekend. My brother is coming to spend the night with me on Saturday, so we plan on going out to dinner and just hanging out together. We are going to a beer tasting party tonight for a friend’s birthday. This is such an awesome idea and I will try my hardest to take pictures and share all about it with you guys this weekend.

Onto our work week recap! On Monday, I completed the PLYO Fix Extreme workout from the 21 Day Fix Extreme DVDs after work. As I posted on the blog earlier this week I have been feeling this burnt out “funk” setting in all week and I am trying my hardest to fight it. I have hopes that next week I will have my butt back in gear!

Tuesday is kettlebell day as you all know. This week’s class was a Kettlebell and Vipr combo class. The Vipr adds this element to the exercises that other equipment can’t do. I left class sweaty and satisfied that I had burnt PLENTY calories.


 On Wednesday, it was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I put on my running shoes as soon as I got home and completed 3 miles, then took the dog for another mile walk. I felt so good running on Wednesday, I hope that feeling sticks around so that I can increase my distance soon.


Meals around here have been fairly simple, mainly because of this “funk” I seem to be in and because Troy hasn’t been home too much this week. We did grill some pork chops on Wednesday night and I cooked up some brown rice and broccoli to go with it. Easy, quick, week night meal.


Yesterday I had a dentist appointment which ran too late for me to take my weekly Thursday Iron Pump class. Even though I was bummed, my muscles were secretly happy for a small reprieve from that class because it is a D.O.O.Z.Y. I came home and completed the upper fix workout from the 21 day fix extreme program. I have plans on completing my kettlebell and dumbbell tabata workout sometime this weekend to get in a little more weight work since I missed class yesterday.

I made a super yummy dish for dinner on Thursday because I was actually in the mood to cook. I made this sausage and cauliflower casserole recipe that I found on Pinterest! I did sub in pork sausage and I didn’t really measure anything, I am more of an eye baller when it comes to cooking. But, it was super yummy and Troy and I both had seconds.


OK, that catches us up! Come back to the blog tomorrow morning to see part 2 of the the “So, you want to run a half marathon?” series!

Have a great Friday y’all!


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